Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lens Village :(Sharingan) Geo Animation CP-S1 Lens Review

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to say that I now have more Naruto lenses in my collection because I've been sponsored by Lens Village , a very trusted and known contact lens shop based in Malaysia! This is their Geo Animation CP-S1 and it's really perfect for cosplaying people from the Uchiha clan like Itachi, Sasuke, Sarada, Madara, Obito/Toby and even Kakashi who got his from Obito. 

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 Here are it's details:

Price: $26.00 (josuberry15 for 15% off)
Brand: Geo
Origin: South Korea
Diameter: 14.20mm 
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 1 year after opening bottle
Prescription: 0.00 (Plano Only)
Package / Pair of Circle Lenses (2 pcs) + FREE Animal Lens Case 

Lens Village was very professional and pleasant to talk to. They would reply to your messages in a few hours and they answer any questions you' ask. If you register to their site, you'll get a link to the  tracking number and directly see the status of your order in there. 

The parcel came after 3 weeks which is pretty fast considering I live in the rural part of my country and it usually takes an additional 1-2 weeks for things to arrive here. Anyway, It came in a small brown pouch with bubble wrap lining safely. 

Everything was safely sealed and organized inside a plastic. Lens Village also has a contest where you can win prizes if you upload your selfie wearing their lenses in any of their social media pages, tag them and use the hashtag  #lvcontest

Other contents were a pamphlet from Geo containing information on how to store, wear and care for lenses , the lenses you chose and of course, A CUTE ANIMAL CASE. They have other designs in other colors so if you want to collect, start buying from  Lens Village now !

(other designs you can get.. I wanna catch them all...) 

 The vial contains all information about the lenses including it's expiry date. Since these lenses are from GEO, the vials get a sticker on it that has a hidden unique serial code that customers can use to verify its authenticity on the GEO Anti-fake website. 

This is how the lenses look outside of the vial. It is really small and natural sized but the design, color and pigmentation makes up for it. Since it came with a cute PINK ANIMAL CASE, I am 100x more happy with it. 


Color and Design: (5/5) 
These lenses are an exact replica of the Sharingan. Everything from it's color, design and details are just perfect! It only lacks it's powers and then you would really having them .  

Comfort: (5/5) 
These lenses were not uncomfortable at all. I was expecting it to sting like my other animation lenses ( I even had one still from Geo that stung) but it surprisingly was really easy to put on and didn't feel like anything. 

Enlargement: (3.5/5)  
These lenses are only a little bit bigger than your real pupils since they're only 14.2mm. I was hoping for a slightly bigger one but I think if that was the case, they wouldn't be like the Sharingan anymore.

Visibility of Effect: (5/5)   
These lenses show up nicely from afar! They look very red in any lighting and you can see the design very clearly. It can really catch a person's attention especially if said person loves Naruto as well xD. 

Overall: (4.5/5) 
If you're looking for Sharingan lenses for your cosplay or Naruto collection, I super recommend getting these! They are absolutely wonderful and worth every money spent. The design and pigmentation are great, they're comfortable and have a reasonable price so what else would you need? 

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