Wednesday, May 10, 2017

CreepyCuteCases : Custom Decoden Phone Case Review

Hello everyone! I'm currently enjoying my summer vacation to the fullest these past few weeks. My reviews and supposed return to costesting have been further pushed :))) Anyways, today I have a SPECIAL review. I'm going to introduce you guys to @CreepyCuteCases, a shop and artist I've recently been in touch with that sells accessories and customizable and pre-made DECODEN CASES for phones and other gadgets too. For those who aren't familiar with those, Decoden comes from the two words "Deco" from decoration and "Den" from Denwa which is Japanese for phone.

Here was what they made for me: 

and their own website here:


The owner of the shop is really such a sweet and talented person! They helped me out when my mom was sick and they are pleasant to talk to. I rarely used instagram at those time (haha I only go there to post story updates and read DMs) but their words of encouragement and understanding really helped.

I've always been fascinated with decoden cases but I usually had rare of local phone models so I couldn't buy one. They just offered to make me one and I originally didn't expect anything because of the same reason but they insisted that they can make one for anything as long as the blank case exists. I tried it out and boi, it was one of the greatest decisions in my life.

If you guys noticed, I've stopped doing critiques on companies' shipping but I just HAD TO make one for them. The parcel arrived SO FAST. I was expecting it to arrive after a month just like most posts but no, it arrived safely after ONLY TWO WEEKS to a PROVINCIAL AREA IN ASIA. And the packaging even came in a unique color lol. I was used to seeing black, white, brown and those from couriers so this was definitely a new experience.

The contents were orderly placed inside these cute pink bags (idk what they're called lol) They are easy to reseal so they can still be used to store your case if you want it to rest or other things.

Their cases are wrapped in layers of bubble wrap so you really don't have to worry about them getting damaged or bent during shipping. All orders also come with a handy instruction print out on how to take care of your cases to prolong their life. I think it answers most if not all of your questions about cases especially if you're new.

I was not expecting this but @CreepyCuteCases also sent a cute Madoka strap. I think it really matches the phone case they made but it can also be used in other ways. ( I placed it in my bag ) They do sell accessories like these so if you want one with your order, you can get this as an add on.

Now for the main part. The case I received was B E A U T I F U L. I requested a pink and white case with sweets and strawberries on it and I got what I asked for. The materials feels sturdy and the decors don't seem like they'd fall out any time soon. The edges of the phone were even decorated with pink laces. I rarely see shops do that. They even had other options like rhinestones and  semi clear parts so you should definitely check them out.

 Of course, if the case I got wasn't to your tastes or you want one of a different type or theme, they have lots of available cases to choose from or you can personally ask them for a custom design. 

That's all for now. I'll constantly update this review with photos of it on my phone...once it gets fixed lol

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  1. I've always been interested in this kind of cute custom phone cases. Thanks for making this post! I think that someday I'll probably get one for myself too, I just have a hard time deciding on what I want on it... x)