Monday, November 7, 2016

Japan Candy Box: Review+ GIVEAWAY (Ended)

Hello everyone! I'm so happy to be reviewing another subscription box especially because this one is full of food ❤ !! Also, take note that THERE IS A GIVEAWAY AT THE END OF THIS POST. This time, I am opening , Japan Candy Box , a monthly subscription-based box filled with 8-10 different candies and snacks from Japan for the low price of $18.20 a month. They sent me their September box and these were all the contents inside: 

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September's Japan Candy Box contained 10 candies and snacks, in which , two of them are DIY kits. How exciting!!! I could feel my mouth drool.

Anyway, this is how their box looks like. Just don't mind how tattered it is. It's all because of the terrible service in my country. If you notice from all my other reviews, all boxes will come like this T^T.  It makes me jealous of those who live in other countries because their box will be in top condition. 

The first thing you will see inside the box is a thank you note with their logo printed. The contents were even wrapped in special paper to keep the contents a surprise. HAHAHAHA I finally learned how to open these types of boxes >:D. The last time I opened a box, particularly their Kawaii Box, I did it very wrongly and I was seriously quite ashamed of my ignorance >///<. 

Information about the contents of the box can be seen in the back side of the Thank you card. Thankfully, they listed their names so you can have an idea on what they are. This really helped me a lot since I wasn't sure if some of the contents were gum or chewing candy. Although if you were to ask my opinion, I think including a small picture of the product would have helped a lot more.

Ok i was really nice of them to include 2 DIY Kits (finish reading everything to reach the other xD) since I too, have been wanting to try one of these for years! There were plastic mold and a palette to mix the coloring in. I'm so excited and I want to make a video making this with a friend or two. Basically, you are to your own soda flavored gummy animals and paint them with any color of your choice! 

(left: Tohato Caramel Corn ; right: Calbee Vegetable Snacks )

The Caramel Corn was really delicious! It had the perfect balance of sweetness that had me wanting seconds. Upon finishing it, I realized that there were nuts mixed with it! The Vegetable Snacks, on the other hand, was very tasty and lightly seasoned. You can tell that there is a difference between the 3 colors of "chips" available in the bag.

The one on the left was really sour but with a sweet aftertaste. I swear my face must have been so wrinkled but I was still wanting more and more of it. The one on the right is one of my favorites! It is super convenient and I could just pop one or two candies every now and then. It comes in 3 flavors: green apple, orange and grapes.

The Pokemon Candy actually comes in 5 varieties : pineapple(pikachu), melon, cola, soda (Greninja) and grape. I got the soda flavor and honestly, I didn't like it. I wonder how the other flavors tastes like and what Pokemon is on their covers. I just read their post about the contents of the September box and it says that one out of these 3 grape gums was sour. What the heck! That means I got the bad one right off the bat! I thought these things were nasty so I threw them away but now I regret it.

( left: Gummies ; right: Doraemon Ramune Squash Soda Bubble Gum )

Something else was pictured in their box post so I have no clue what the gums on the left side are called but they were delicious! The Doraemon Bubble Gum had adorable wrappers with different colors and drawings. I kept the wrappers because they are just so beautiful ! ❤o❤ 

The last DIY Kit enables you to create your own octopus eggs. Again, I am going to try this with my friends someday. This is the instructions their site gave:

"Mix two different liquids in two separate dishes, and by using the squeezy octopus dropper, suck in the liquid and drop the eggs in the other candy liquid by squeezing the octopus!

Now for the moment you've been waiting for! :D 
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