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Shark Robot Review Part 1 : Jojos, Snorlax and Ghost Types Shirts

Hi everyone! This week, I'm reviewing shirts from Shark Robot , a shop specializing in making high quality shirts catering to fans of video games ,anime, cartoons, movies, comics, etc . They are based in Springville, Utah and has been in business since 2005. I have been lucky enough to try a total of 6 shirts from them! I will be dividing the review into 2 parts with 3 shirts each.

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They included their business card in their shipment and it contains all the links to their social media accounts.

The shipment was divided into two and this was the second one to arrive. It arrived 6 days after the first one and in a bag with their logo and social media accounts. Shipping took about 2-3 weeks to my country and that's already fast for us! 

 Here are it's details:

1.) Do You Even Pose (click for link)

Price: $19.95 
Available in : Mens/Unisex Small- 6X Large, 
Mens/Unisex Polo Shirt 7X Large- 10x Large, 
Ladies Fitted Small- 4X Large

The design was printed in a Gildan shirt. It features 4 of the 8 Jojos to date doing their signature poses. They are as follow: Joseph Joestar from Part2- Battle Tendency,  Jotaro Kujo from Part3-Stardust CrusadersGiorno Giovanna from Part5- Vento Aureo and Jolyne Cujoh from Part 6- Stone Ocean.  The print was of high quality and the design came out very vibrant. 

As a huge Jojo fan, I am very VERY happy to own this shirt. It was very baggy for a "fitted medium" but I actually love baggy shirts more. Sadly, my husband, Josuke Higashikata from Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable, was not featured in the design. I wore the shirt with my Jolyne Kujo wig! The lenses I used are the ones from this post

Overall: 6/5 ★★★★★+
If you love Jojo's Bizarre Adventure then you must have this shirt! The design is absolutely beautiful! It's minimalistic yet very creative. It is very comfortable to wear , not hot, itchy or rough at all. The print is also very clear and doesn't have any missed patches. If Josuke was featured, I would have given a rating of 11/5 xD 
I just love Josuke so much...

2.) I Hate The Mornings (click for link)

Price: $19.95 
Available in : Mens/Unisex Small- 6X Large, 
Mens/Unisex Polo Shirt 7X Large- 10x Large, 
Ladies Fitted Small- 4X Large

The design of this shirt features Snorlax and the words "I Hate The Morning". It is perfect for showing your love for Pokemon or Snorlax or simply, just how much of a non morning person you are. 

The shirt was really comfortable. The fabric is nice, smooth and durable and the print is high quality itself. The color is vivid but I think the print can peel off after many,many uses. Munchlax , Snorlax's pre-evolution is one of my favorites so this shirt is an absolute must-have for me. And I think anyone can relate with the quote in the picture xD 

Overall: 5/5 ★★★★★
I am so in love with this shirt! I have worn this a lot recently and people have been asking me where I got it because it is so cool or cute to them. It's one of my favorite shirts in terms of design.

3.) Shades Of The Night (click for link)

Price: $19.95 
Available in : Mens/Unisex Small- 6X Large, 
Mens/Unisex Polo Shirt 7X Large- 10x Large, 
Ladies Fitted Small- 4X Large

The print features 3 ghost type Pokemon namely Gastly (bottom left), Gengar(middle), and Haunter (right) in an original way of drawing. The design was printed on a Bella shirt in M and is very stretchable. 

The print is so huge. It can occupy almost my whole trunk haha. The print also stands out really well and is very visible. It's really comfortable and the fabric use is great. The way Gastly, Haunter and Gengar were drawn was so cool. They look so menacing and artistic at the same time. I'm just worried about the print because as I've said, it's those type that can peel off. 

Overall: 4.5/5 ★★★★★
The shirt is great and cool. It's perfect for people who love pokemon but don't want to be seen in childish apparel. Pokemon played a big part in my childhood so it was really nice to own shirts based of it. 

That's all for the review. Make sure to check their other social media accounts

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Instagram: @sharkrobotstore

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