Sunday, July 3, 2016

Totemo Kawaii Shop: Sailor Moon Luna Bag Review

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I did a non lens review (don't worry, I have lots this month ).
Today, I am going to introduce a great new shop called Totemo Kawaii Shop and review my promoter item from them! Totemo Kawaii Shop mostly focuses on Asian items raging from Japanese to Korean (even K-pop products ). They sell the cutest and most aesthetic fashion products to all of the world. I was lucky enough to be invited to become one of their promoters and be given the chance to review their Cute Sailor Moon kawaii harajuku hand bag .

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Use my code "berry10" for 10% off !

Use my code "berry10" for 10% off ! 

Price: $33.95 ( berry10 for 10% off )
Dimensions: 24cm x 8cm x 18cm ( L,W, H ) 
Lining Material: Polyester 
Main Material: PU
Free International Shipping 2-4 weeks & 30 day Return Policy
( Comes in Black for Luna, White for Artemis and Gray for Diana) 

Totemo Kawaii Shop was very nice, kind and sweet. They respond fast and will answer any of your questions, problems and concerns. Their team is really pleasant to talk with and is already really good at handling their business. 

The package arrived in around 3-4 weeks. It was shipped in the usual plastic pouch. Inside it, the bag was carefully wrapped in a thin cloth and then covered with bubble wrap. It prevented the bag from getting dirty and the cat ears from being disfigured or bent.

 Two straps were found inside the bag. These two serves as the handle which you are to connect in order to turn it into a sling/ long shoulder bag. It has an outer pocket and the bag can be closed with a metallic button. 


When both straps are attached, this is how the bag will look like. The straps create a really long strap. (and you can still adjust it longer xD ) There are also small button-like items underneath the bag that helps it stand and prevent the bottom to get dirty.

The bag has a big pocket that can be opened and closed with a zipper. On its opposite side, you'll see two sewn pockets that could fit a small phone or your pens. 

Some pictures when worn:

Yoshiko Tsushima for now


Color and Design: (5/5) 
I am a fan of Sailor Moon and I am going to cosplay her this August! The bag's design is just too adorable! It's gorgeous, I love it so much. I'm sure most, if not all, Sailor Moon fans would want to have at least one of these. 

Convenience and Comfort: (5/5)  
The bag has so many useful pockets. You can hide anything safely there and there are lots of spaces to place your things inside. The straps aren't uncomfortable or annoying either, just long. 

True to picture: (5/5)  
The bag looks exactly like the picture. There were no lies or even differences so what you see is what you get. 

Durability: (5/5)   
I once wore this to school on a Friday and it rained so hard when I got home, I was scared that the bag might get damaged from being wet and tossed around but it didn't. I got a minor cold from that tho xD . 

Overall: (5/5) 
I really recommend getting these from Totemo Kawaii Shop. Their prices are so good ad they provide the best service to their customers. Don't forget to use my code "berry10" for 10% off !

Instagram: @totemokawaiishop

Use my code "berry10" for 10% off !

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  1. thanks so much, ur reviews are awesome and everything looks so kawaii.

  2. Can you tell me if it's safe to order from totemo kawaii shop? I'd really like to order my BTS shoes

    1. ofcourse they are!^_^ They also process orders really fast. And if you enter "berry10" in your checkout, you get 10% off your total :)