Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Twin Guns: Kaneki Mask ,Fantasy False lashes, Artemis mini plush and Eevee ring

Hi everyone! Today, I'm gonna talk about the new store I'm promoting for; The Twin Guns. They are a store based in the UK that sells Gaming, Comics, Anime and even Harajuku items. Aside from those, they also offer exclusive items that are locally produced and designed by them! Anyways, these are what they sent me.

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The Twin Guns replies fast with inquiries. They have excellent service and are pleasant to talk with.

The parcel took 3 weeks to arrive to me but faster for countries in US and Europe (lucky people)! It came in a pouch with bubble wrap padding to secure the contents inside.

The things I got were a Kaneki Mask from Tokyo Ghoul, a Small Artemis Plush from Sailor Moon, False Lashes and an Eevee Ring. 

 This is their  Kaneki Mask and they sell it for $25 for the default one and $36 for the deluxe one. The Deluxe set includes eye patch and the mask was made with a much better material and detail. The size is adjustable to fit all sizes of heads and is made from black faux leather, 100% vegan friendly! There was also a cool Kaneki print included.

Next, we have their Fantasy False Lashes in black. It costs $6.99 and also comes in purple, pink, blue, red and brown too, These lashes are really long, natural-looking and very well made. It's perfect for a pure or simple look that still looks cute. Eyelash glue is not included 

 This is their Artemis Small Plush and it costs $8.00 . They also sell Luna, Diana and Artemis in Medium size for $12.00 . These are all new with tags and imported from Japan. It's small and can fit in your hand and since it's a ball chain plush, you can carry it anywhere you want.

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