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Bokksu Subscription Box Review

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be introducing a special  Monthly Japanese Subscription Box called Bokksu. Nowadays, there are just too many boxes to choose from. What distinguishes Bokksu from the rest is that they offer authentic traditional and modern Japanese snacks instead of just random candies you can see in Japanese grocery stores. Each month, they carefully choose a unique theme that lets you experience the Japanese culture with 18-20 snacks and teas for only $39 ( and $19 for tasting boxes ) both with free 2 day shipping fee in the US.

Here are its contents! 

This was their November 2016 Box and its theme was Japanese Folklore. It actually arrived even before I arrived in the US and had the chance to pick it up myself. The shipping was SOOO FAST, it only took 2 days!! Most boxes take around 2-4 weeks to arrive so I was not ready. Luckily, I addressed it to my aunt and she picked it up for me even if I was supposed to be there on the last week of November. 

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was their Tasting Guide that had the cover and theme of the month. The box was filled with lots of snacks and t really made me so excited!! 

(Hakata Mentai Shrimp Senbei) 

The first thing I tried were these Senbei crackers. I have seen these make appearances in Japanese anime and shows and I know that Japanese people have been eating these since their early days. I was really looking forward to trying them. They were crunchy and really tasted like shrimp with a slightly salty and savory taste. The only word I could think to describe it was "umami" which means flavorful here in (Southeast) Asia. 

(Kumamon Cookie)

The next thing I tried were these adorable Kumamon cookies. I know a lot of people are familiar with this mascot from Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. Seeing cookies shaped like it really made me squeal! I immediately opened a pack and tried them myself. 
The light-colored one is butter flavored and it had the perfect mixture of sweetness and saltiness in it. The brown cookie was chocolate flavored but not too sweet so it could have been dark chocolate. 

(Saku Saku Panda)

These cookies are very sweet and delicious. They are decorated with both white and milk chocolates and shaped into pandas. I've had the pleasure of sampling these cookies in another box before but boi, these weren't melted! The box had literally been unopened for almost a month and these were still in a good condition. I could still even see the various faces of the pandas inside. awwwww 

(Dream Animals Butter Flavored Biscuits) 

These are really cute! There are several animal biscuits inside with their names in English. I think it is a great way to educate young children in Japan and make them fluent in English. The biscuits had a really strong salty butter flavor that makes you want to eat more with each bite. I even had to drink a glass of water to stop myself from finishing the whole box!

(Kitsune's Tail)

This snack really intrigued me as I was not expecting pastry to come in a subscription box. Kitsune's Tail or literally, Fox's Tail, is a flaky pie topped with maple white chocolate. It was very light, delicious and had a perfect balance of flavors in it. The sweetness of the icing really complemented the slightly salty but plain dough. Someday, I'd love to get my hands on more of these.

( Organic Sencha Green Tea )

Lastly, we have this Japanese Green Tea. All Bokksu boxes comes with a unique tea to complement all the snacks you got. I've always wanted to try drinking authentic ones so it had been a very pleasant experience. It is best served at 80C to enjoy its flavor.  They gave 3 packs but I used one already so only 2 are in this photo. If you enjoyed everything you saw, I definitely recommend subscribing for their next box 

That's all for the stuff they sent me. Don't forget to check their sites below: 

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