Sunday, March 26, 2017

Kira Kira Crate Review

Hello everyone, long time no see! I've been extremely busy these past few MONTHS so I haven't been active on any social media except my "personal"FB accounts hahaha. Anyway, today, I am going to be reviewing Kira Kira Crate by Japan Crate. You may have heard about Japan Crate, a company that sends out monthly subscription boxes of Japanese snacks. Over the past few years, they have expanded their variety with new box themes. Currently, they have a regular Japan Crate , a Doki Doki Crate for cute things, an Umai Crate for tasty Japanese food and of course, their latest addition, the Kira Kira Crate.

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Before e start, what exactly is Kira Kira Crate? To put it simply, Kira Kira Crate is a monthly subscription box that contains assorted authentic Japanese beauty products. The contents range from cosmetics to bath soaps, lotions, toiletries, etc. Each box is bound to satisfy each and every purchaser.

Here is what their box looks like. You can open it from the side where they placed your shipping details 

Here was what's inside their box. It contained 8 items and a mini guide book about each product and Kira Kira Crate

The one in the right is the "Choosy Lip Pack: Peach" ,very useful in moisturizing dry, cold lips especially in winter. The one in the right is "Puresmile Cherry Blossom Essence Mask" , a sheet mask guaranteed to moisturize and nourish your skin while keeping it supple and fresh. 

Next we have "Yuzu Bath Tablets" bath tablets that will transform your bath tub into a spa while emitting a strong, citrus fragrance. Next to it we have "Family Honey Soap", a soap with real honey essence and royal jelly extract to soften your skin with a pleasant honey smell. 

Up next we have "NonKuma x Hello Kitty eye patch"which moisturizes your skin and removes dark circles under your eyes. Beside it, we have "Super Extra Eyelashes", false lashes perfect for making your eyes pop out and your lashes looking longer. 

Lastly, we have "Hotto Mie Eye Mask", heated eye masks that helps you relax tense muscles around the eyes and " Naive Peach Face Wash", a face wash that freshens your skin while moisturizing it and making you smell like sweet peaches.

That's all for the stuff they sent me. Don't forget to check their sites below: 

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