Monday, July 25, 2016

Kawaii Box : June 2016 Review + Giveaway (Ended)

Hi everyone! Today, I get to review something different that what we normally review in here; a box! This box is from Kawaii Box , subscription based box that contains 10-12 handpicked kawaii items from Japan and Korea! There are other subscription plans to choose from like every 3 months, 6 months or a year if you want to be committed to their service. Anyway, this is their June 2016 Box and it has a theme of summer!
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Here are it's details:

Some of you may be familiar with similar subscription boxes due to the increasing popularity these days. Most boxes you've hear of , mostly contain food, snacks, toys and may more. Kawaii Box is different because it contains random yet useful kawaii items. 

The Kawaii Box I received received damaged because of my country's post team. The box was partly opened but at least the post people took the initiative to wrap it in plastic (since it was their fault anyway). I'm jealous of the countries with better posts because they will receive this in perfect condition and see it's beauty. ಥ_ಥ 
If you want to subscribe to them, here's a brief summary of their plans. 

The contents of the box was wrapped in thin paper with Kawaii Box's logo. On top of it, a super cute card with their logo and the words " THANK YOU" was written.

On the back of the "thank you" card, is the catalog and contents of their June 2016 Box as well as their mascot saying "stay cute all summer".

There were also various cards and pamphlets in the box. One of them gives you a chance of winning a Mega Box worth over $100 by simply tagging your post with the hashtag #KawaiiBox on their social media accounts. 

The first part of the items are as follows :

Kabaya Panda Cookies -> Kawaii Animals Pouch -> Summer Fruits Stickers
(Blue) Harajuku Bow Haipin -> Fresh Fan Juice -> Pink Pom Pom Pen 

(The Panda Cookies were so delicious! I ate its entire content in minutes.) 

The second part of the items are as follows: 

Ice Cream Charm -> Watermelon Purse ->Baby Elephant Mini Plush 
Korean Deco Glitter Set -> Kawaii Animals Pocket Mirror ->Plastic Bear Bag Charm

Everything from Kawaii Box is really fun and cute! I could use everything inside it for school even though the theme is summer xD . Summer ended 2 months ago for me... 

Now for the fun and exciting part! :D 
Kawaii Box and I have teamed up to make this giveaway possible! Enter below for a chance to win your very own kawaii box!
E N D E D!!
congrats to 
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Make sure to check their other social media accounts

Twitter: @KawaiiBoxCo
 Google+: +KawaiiboxCo
Tumblr: kawaii-box-co
Instagram: @kawaiiboxco

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