Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Shark Robot Review Part 2- Zone-tan

Hi again. This is part two of my reviews for Shark Robot . Click here for part one! This time I'm reviewing 3 random shirts that I had no idea they were sending because I was only expecting 3 shirts.... Anyways, it's always a pleasure to have more of their awesome shirts. (I feel so guilty omg) 

Ok, I honestly have no idea where these designs are based from but I had 2 geek friends fill in some knowledge about them and I did some extra research. I'm more of a weeb than a geek tbh xD 

The parcel was placed in a plain plastic pouch. The thing I liked about it was that there was this place where you could easily open it by tearing a strip of the plastic. The 3 shirts were rolled together to fit inside. 

This is how their business card looks like up close. It has their social media accounts as well as sample pictures of their products.

 Here are it's details:

1.) Thread the Needle (click for link)

Price: $19.95 
Available in : Mens/Unisex Small- 6X Large, 
Mens/Unisex Polo Shirt 7X Large- 10x Large, 
Ladies Fitted Small- 4X Large

I really had no idea where the design came from and didn't even notice her hand gesture but one of my geeky friends told me that it's Zone-tan(?) Ut's a hentai... hahahah

The print was really huge. Because of this, the picture tends to get wrinkled. The print, however, is very visible even from a far. Watch out tho xD Not everyone can take wearing a shirt like that ;) 

2.) Shin-ra Electric Power Company (no link)

I couldn't find the link to purchase this shirt. It's either out of stock or discontinued. The print was printed in the right side (facing front) of your chest. At the shirt's back, you can see the word "STAFF"

3.) You're a Kid You're a Squid (no link)

I also couldn't find the link to purchase this shirt. Aside fro that, I have no knowledge of the game/series it was taken from. The print is still huge and prone to cracking. You have to be very careful when dealing with the shirt.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 
I really recommend buying from Shark Robot. They have so many original designs and their service and shipping is good. The shirt is also comfortable and the print is okay.

Make sure to check their other social media accounts

Pinterest: sharkrobotllc
Twitter: SharkRobotStore
Instagram: @sharkrobotstore

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