Friday, June 3, 2016

Inu Inu: Strawberry Tee Review

Hello, major throwback to the first ever thing I've been sponsored  around March this year. 
I chose the Strawberry Tee in M size from Inu Inu or @shopinuinu on instagram. They're a very known store that sells aesthetic fashions.

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Here are its Details:

Price: $42.95
                         ALL OVER PRINT SIZES
Chest: 32in / 81.3cm
Waist: 30in /76.2cm
Chest: 36in /91.4cm
Waist: 32in /81.2cm
Chest: 40in /101.6cm
Waist: 33in /83.8cm
Chest: 44in /111.7cm
Waist: 34in
Chest: 48in /121.9cm
Waist: 38in /96.5cm
Chest: 50in /127cm
Waist: 42in /106.6cm

According to InuInu, shipping takes 3-5 in the US and 7-15 "elsewhere". However, they told me that mine would take 3-4 weeks because I live in Asia xD. Mine took more than a month to arrive because there were problems with the name they addressed it to. oTL 
( letter and other parcel from a friend, not Inu Inu )

When I inspected the shirt, the first thing I noticed was how thin the material is and how HUGE the size I picked was ;A; . It was so loose on me,

Front (left) and Back (right) of the shirt. 

It's so thin, you could ALMOST see your skin. Well, almost not entirely. However, it's perfect for the summer season and hot days.

The print is very high quality but there are some patches like these that are unavoidable due to the printing errors. (even their stock photo has one )

The shirt also has cloth tags with instructions on how to wash and iron. 


Design: 5/5 ★★★★★
Their shop has many original designs that you won't find in other stores. They are cute, aesthetic and very pleasing to the eyes.

Quality: 3.5 /5 ★★★
The print is nice and feels natural. However, the tee was just a little too thin that you could see a bit through it if you got really close.

Comfort: 4 /5 ★★★★
This tee is very soft ,light and nice to touch. It's thin so it's perfect for hot weathers and easy to wash.

Shipping: 3.5 /5  ★★★
@shopinuinu usually takes 3-5 days to ship in the US and 7-15 days elsewhere. Since I live in Asia, they said it would take a little less than a month. Mine got stuck in my country's custom office so the delay was really not their fault, plus the packaging was great 😊

Overall: 4 /5 ★★★★☆
I am very impressed with this shop and I feel blessed to be given an opportunity to collaborate with them. Their items are worth every dollar and  I assure that you would surely not regret buying anything from them.

I still remember how happy I was when I learned that I was going to be sponsored. Hahaha it's always been a dream of mine. Make sure to check their other social media accounts

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