Thursday, June 2, 2016

CosplayBuzz: Poison Ivy Wig Review

Hello! Today, I'll be reviewing the  Batman Poison Ivy Long Wavy Dark Red Anime Cosplay Wig PL377A that was sponsored by CosplayBuzz.

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Take note that wig is actually a lot longer and I just used some parts of the layers to create this.
(Long part of the wig is hidden behind) 
Surprisingly, many enjoyed my Maki costest ;A; . I got asked a lot where I got the wig so I just sent them the link to Cosplay Buzz's Maki wig here 

Here are its details: 

Price: $20
Style Code: PL377A
Color: Dark Red
Size: One Size
Length: 24 Inches or 60 CM
Material: Synthetic Fiber
Heat Resistant: 150C Heat Resistant

Cosplay Buzz sent the wig on April 21, 2016, 2 days after the order was confirmed. 
Shipping to my country took about 3-4 weeks. The wig came in a small box.

The wig was carefully placed inside a very neat and convenient pouch instead of the usual ziplock bags with papers. CosplayBuzz also included their business card and a very cute letter.

What I love about this wig is how true it is to the pictures. The color and style are exactly like the stock photos. I could probably say the same for all their other wigs as well. 

(wig with and without flash)

As you can see, the wig is in a beautiful shade of dark red that's not too bright or too dark. Even when subjected to flash, the wig does not look like those shiny cheap wigs.
It is really soft, easy to fix and doesn't tangle much. I could even comb it with my fingers with ease!

The wig has a lace net that could be adjusted with the hooks to make it tighter.

The top part is sewn and not glued so it doesn't fall off much when I comb it with a STEEL brush
(trust me, glued ones are terrible)

Some pictures when worn:

(Photos taken in a different day from Maki trial. )


Color: (5/5) 
The color looks the same as the stock photo and is even more beautiful in real life  

Shine: (5/5) ★ 
The wig is not shiny at all! It barely shines  even when flash is on. 

Price: (5/5) 
Can you believe that a wig as beautiful as this is only $20!!?? All of Cosplay Buzz's wigs are soooo much more affordable than most of the online stores. Even their dreamy lacefront wigs are cheaper.

Texture: (5/5) 
Seriously, this is one of the softest and most manageable wigs I have an you know I have lots! hahaha. The strands don't even fall that much unless you exert too much force. 

Overall: (5/5) 
I am extremely pleased with the quality of their wigs! I guarantee that your money will not be in waste because it's worth it. I really recommend buying from them. I know they sell costumes and lace front wigs too so it's like a 1-stop shop for your cosplay needs. 

It is such an honor to work with Cosplay Buzz. I had a lot of fun doing this. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. Be sure to check their other social media accounts!

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