Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lens Flavors: Pretty Crystal Green Review

Hi everyone! This time, I'm gonna be reviewing  Vassen Pretty Crystal Green sponsored by Lens Flavors. Lens Flavors is an online circle lens shop based in Malaysia. They offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE and cater lots of designs and colors.

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Here are it's details:

Price: $26.90
Diameter: 14.5 mm & 15 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Usage: 1 year disposal 
Prescription: -0.00 ~ -8.00
Includes: 1 pair of lenses + 1 macaron lens case

Lens flavors was very nice, sweet and friendly. I was surprised when I got their email on my iphone because I didn't receive it on my google mail app. I think the main problem is their mailing system because sometimes it goes to my spam too and also the fact that I received my tracking number 10-15days after they had shipped it. 

The parcel arrived June 17. Their estimated shipping time is usually 14-30 days after sending and mine arrived around 3-4 weeks. The lenses came inside a bubble envelope.  

Inside it, the lenses were carefully wrapped in foam to secure them and to avoid leakage. Each order comes with a cute macaron lens case and I got these blue and yellow ones. Lens Flavors also included a cute Japanese Velcro Hair Tape (inside the pink plastic bag ) used to hold your bangs while washing your face ,doing makeup, etc. 

The lenses were inside a vial that contains all information about the lenses such as diameter, color, series, bc, water content and expiry date if you aren't planning on wearing them any time soon. 

This is how the lenses look outside of the vial. It doesn't show well due to the fact that the base of the lens case is yellow but they're really pretty so I switched out the case just to show you how it looks like. The front and the back part of the lenses look very similar so you have to double check if you got the right side on.

Some pictures when worn:

Sassy lost child 


Color and Design: (4/5) 
I love how these lenses look like. They look like crystals and are super sparkly. I spent a few minutes just admiring how they look like. It doesn't have a black outer ring so it helps it blend naturally in your eyes. 

Comfort: (5/5) 
I didn't have a single problem with these lenses. They were very easy to insert, remove and even look around with. I can wear these for maybe 8hrs and I wont even feel that I'm wearing them.

Enlargement: (4/5)  
Despite only being 14.5 mm, I personally think these lenses actually have the effect of 15 mm. They look as huge as my 14.8mm ones or even bigger! I think it's because of the fact that it doesn't have an outer ring but either way, it's really dolly and cute.

Visibility of Effect: (3.5/5)   
(note: I have dark eyes)
Up close, they look so cute, sparkly, and pigmented but from afar, they barely show color and appear only as a slight dark green. I was a little bit disappointed that its beauty can only be seen up close. However, these would be perfect for people with light eyes 

Overall: (4/5) 
I really love these contact lenses! They have an elegant feel to them and it makes my eyes shine. They are very comfortable and easy to manage. Tho I definitely recommend these to people with lighter eye colors than those with dark ones. 

That's it for my review. Special thanks to Lens Flavors! I hope they become one of the most leading circle lens shops online soon. Be sure to follow them on their other social media accounts

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