Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Optyk Rozmus: ColourVue Glow Orange Contact Lenses Review

Hi guys! This is part 2 of my review for Optyk Rozmus! Read part 1 in the previous post and part 3 in the next. The second one I chose was the ColourVue Glow Orange Contact Lenses. I was actually just looking for orange contacts so that I could finally cosplay Konan from Naruto. I never knew these lenses glow hahahaha It was careless of me but I did end up with an amazing pair like this!

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Here are its Details:

Price: $24.99 !
Brand: ColourVue
Diameter: 14 mm 
B.C: 8.6
Water Content: 45%
Life Span: 1 year
Prescription: -0.00 only plano (zero power) lenses

2 lenses in vials

These were all the lenses that came with this shipment. They all came in beautiful violet boxes. I really do adore colourvue crazy lens packaging!! You can view my reviews for them in here and here.

The lenses came in the usual purple box of ColourVue. The lenses were inside a vial with a sticker wrapped around it that contained its details , manufacture and expiry date.

This is how the lenses look like in real life. As you can see they are very light orange and have no black or dark colored rings in the middle and the outer circle. 


Color and Design: (3/5) 
Orange lenses are rare. I don't see a lot of them and when I do, they're mostly animation ones like the orange manson design. I really think having no outer black ring made it super weird. It is just my personal preference tho.

Comfort: (5/5) 
These lenses were very comfortable for crazy/animation types and they didn't irritate my eyes. They were also easy to insert and remove.

Enlargement: (3/5)  
These lenses are only 14mm big. :( That's almost the size of your real pupils. I would have preferred if they were larger so that it would make your eyes more animated.

Visibility of Effect: (4.5/5) 
I honestly didn't have a lot of expectations with these lenses but they look really great when worn! The color is very striking and it can be seen from afar.

Overall: (3.5/5) ☆☆
If you're into lenses with special effects then this one's for you xD. They are really unique and comfortable. Most animation lenses usually dries fast and hurts your eyes but these don't! Just remember that ColourVue is the best brand for these type of lenses.

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