Friday, September 30, 2016

Pinky Paradise: Super Pinky Bright Red Review

Hello all of you! I am once again blessed to be reviewing for Pinky Paradise! This time, I chose their Super Pinky Bright Red because I needed better red contacts and when I saw this, I noticed that they were the only place I saw that were selling these. They also gave me a 50% coupon valid until Oct. 31. Use "berry50" for 50% off any lenses except phantasee, scleras and toric lenses

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 Here are it's details:

Price: $25.90 ( berry50= 50%off! )
Brand: VASSEN 
Origin: South Korea
Diameter: 15.0mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 42%
Life Span:  Yearly
Prescription:  -0.00 ~ -10.00
Package / Pair of Circle Lenses (2 pcs) + FREE Macaron Lens Case 

Pinky Paradise sent me an email offering to team up for Halloween. I was ecstatic and joyful at that moment. Compared to my previous experience with them, it seems like they have gotten a whole lot better or maybe I was just assigned an inexperienced staff before? Their replies are so much faster and they actually notified me when they shipped the lenses to me. 

First of all, Pinky Paradise chose to send the parcel to me via DHL ! IT ONLY TOOK 3 DAYS! Usually, I'd wait for 3-4 weeks for stuff to arrive to me. I was super amazed. I didn't expect that to happen because I was also expecting a dress to arrive via DHL xD. anyways, Inside the really loose DHL packet, a smaller brown packet was inside and it contained the lenses.

Inside it, the lenses were wrapped in a red foam to prevent them from breaking. Pinky Paradise also sent a Japanese Velcro Hair tape that is generally used to hold your bangs (if you have) or hair when applying makeup or beauty products ,etc.

Pinky Paradise sent me a pink macaron case... again (Oh well xD). This is what the lenses look outside the vial. They are really beautiful and have a unique design. The outer rings of it are a dark shade of maroon and there are strokes of white on the lens. 


Color and Design:  (5/5) 
These lenses have a very unique design. Unlike most red lenses, it composes many streaks of different colors of red and some white and brown ones. The combinations were really interesting and it ended but looking so well together. I could immediately tell that these would look good on my eyes!

Comfort: (5/5) 
The lenses were very comfortable. They don't dry out fast, sting or irritate your eyes and it really doesn't feel like you're wearing lenses! It's just that good. :)

Enlargement:  (5/5) 
For 15mm lenses, these cover your pupils really well. They make your eyes pop and look better. When it comes to lenses, I'd recommend 15-16mm lenses since 14mm lenses look to small and 17mm lenses are sometimes too big.

Visibility of Effect:  (5/5)   
I was never disappointed when I got to try it. My pupils really look like sooo red even from afar. It's really hard to even find lenses that are visible from a certain distance so these are really perfect! 
Overall:  (5/5) 
I really recommend these lenses to people looking for good red lenses. They are really comfortable and makes your eyes dollier. Pinky Paradise were also super kind so I definitely recommend using their site to buy lenses from. Be sure to use my code "berry50" for 50% off until Oct 31!
 Please also check their other social media! 

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