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Optyk Rozmus: ColourVue (Tokyo Ghoul) Sclera Gremlin 22mm Contact Lenses

Hi everyoooooone!!!! I'm extremely hyped to be reviewing a pair of ColorVue Gremlin Sclera Lenses for the amazing Optyk Rozmus! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ They're perfect for Tokyo Ghoul Cosplays so I've been wanting to try these since last year. It's a dream come true! I am suuuper thankful to Dan and the wonderful team at Optyk Rozmus for letting me review this so please make sure to check their site out and maybe buy a lens or two ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . Please also read part 1 and part 2 of my 2nd review for them.

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Here are its Details:

Price: $95.99 !
Brand: ColourVue
Diameter: 22 mm 
Water Content: 45%
Life Span: 6 months :(
Prescription: -0.00 only plano (zero power) lenses
2 lenses in vials 

Optyk Rozmus offers the best customer service ever. hands down. They are quick and efficient plus their shipping service is great (especially if you live in Europe , I hear ) Really tho, it doesn't feel intimidating or too formal when you try to chat with them. Usually, I would be too shy to ask any questions to other lens shops but with them, I am assured that my questions will be properly answered on time.

As usual, these sclera lenses came inside a small vial that was carefully wrapped with foam to prevent them from breaking. The sclera lenses also came with a lens case/cleaner. owo This would be extremely useful because it is difficult to find lens cases that could fit sclera lenses since they're so big! The previous sclera lenses I received didn't come with that case so it was a bit disappointing :( 

The funny thing is that the new lens solution I just bought came with these huge lens cases that could fit sclera lenses (≧∇≦)/. I'm still gonna use the one that came with the scleras from Optyk Rozmus whenever I need to clean lenses because I have strong grip on things so I'M AFRAID OF TEARING MORE LENSES.. ESPECIALLY THESE T^T  

This is how the sclera lenses look inside the case. As you can see, it fits almost exactly in it. The lenses look exactly the same in the front and back. I'm not even sure if I put them on right my self because even if I tried to see if they formed a bowl, the curve of a sclera lens is different from the curve of a normal lens. The only way I could tell if my previous sclera lenses were on the correct side because it's back had a faded color and design.

( left: 22mm sclera lenses , middle: 17mm mini scleras, right: 14mm lenses )

These were the 3 lenses I received from them. The sclera lenses obviously looks bigger than the other 2 and almost twice as big as the one in the most right xD. If I were to transfer the scleras into the other two's cases, it would surely not fit. Therefore, please make sure to have the appropriate cases for it. 


Color and Design: (6/5) 
Honestly speaking, anyone who is a fan of Tokyo Ghoul would rate it 5/5 ,right? IT"S JUST BEAUTIFUL! The red and black part contrasts so beautifully and the colors are just the right shades! Maybe if I walk around at night with these, people will really mistake me for a ghoul haha

Comfort: (4/5) 
 The lenses are actually really thick...even thicker than my other sclera lenses! Naturally, I would be scared and doubtful to insert them in my eyes since SCLERA LENSES ARE DIFFICULT TO PUT ON and I barely had experience with them. However, upon inserting them, they were actually quite easier to put in. They also didn't make me tear that much so yeah, looks like we have a winner for the best sclera lens brand !✧

Enlargement: (5/5) ★  
These lenses obviously almost fill your whole eyes. If you don't think it's big then I don't even know what you consider big anymore. I'm pretty sure these are the biggest a lens can come in.

Visibility of Effect: (5/5) ★ 
The effects and design of these lenses are very visible even from afar. Even normal people can tell that there is something inserted in your eyes xD. Even the red part can easily be seen.

Overall: (5/5) 
I really love these contact lenses! They look so cool and is worth its price! Optyk Rozmus also gave very good service and if you live in Europe, I'm 100% sure the lenses would arrive at your door so much faster! ( Hey, Asia is in the other side of the world, of course it'll take longer to arrive here)

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