Friday, October 14, 2016

Taste Japan Review

Hi everyone! Today, I'm gonna review something different from what I usually do - a Japanese Snack Box called Taste Japan! For those who don't know, Taste Japan is a subscription-based box that delivers assorted snacks and candies straight from Japan for just £15. They accept any currency and ships worldwide. Each box weighs approximately 400-650g. Here's what I received.. 

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These were all the snacks found inside the box (yellow alpacasso plush not included xD ) . I received 8 kinds of mouth-watering Japanese snacks. The folks over at Taste Japan were very nice and friendly. If I recalled correctly, they're a bunch of British people living in Japan so that's also the reason why they use British pounds as their main currency. They do accept any other currency as it is automatically converted after paying. 

As soon as I opened the box, I was immediately greeted by this quite large Japanese potato chip snack xD. It really caught my attention and piqued my interest to the contents of the box. In the bottom most part, I saw a pamphlet containing the theme of the Month and details about the various snacks inside it. 

        Tan Shio is a Japanese Potato Chips that tastes like Gyūtan or grilled beef tongue. Prior to knowing what it is called or supposed to be flavored after, I thought that it tasted like salty and slightly tangy Barbecue chips. It wasn't very special for someone like me who lives in a country full of delicious barbecues but I was hooked! The more I ate, the better the flavor got. I couldn't stop digging in and ended up consuming the whole bag in just a few minutes.  I could have been a bit biased because I LOVE BARBECUE  but these chips were certainly delicious. 

        The next one I found was this Neko Atsume Snack Box. I think they were caramel or milk cookies (but I could be wrong xD ).They were very soft , chewy and sweet ; just like how Japanese people like their food to be. It was very delicious but in my opinion, the chewiness kind of made me like it less so I tried freezing it but it ended up bad hahaha. I love it's taste tho!! I'm just not a fond of chewy food since it takes more time to eat. 

        Next we have the ever so popular milky candy, Milky. If you're constantly being exposed to Japanese media, culture and references, you've probably come across this face at least once. Peko-chan ,the girl on the box, is the mascot for Fujiya Co. Back to the main topic, I've always wanted to try Milky candies but they are unreasonably priced in our grocery store so was very happy when I saw this in the box. The candies were wrapped in a paper with different design colors. The candy tasted like powdered milk or condensed milk. I found the candies too sweet for my liking. 


        Next up we have the Hello Kitty Nodoame. Nodoame literally translates to "throat candy". It has 4 flavors inside it : green -(green apple), pink/red- (strawberry) , dark purple- (grapes) and yellow- lemon. Out of all the 4, my favorite was the green apple. It had a very refreshing taste compared to the other three which were more acidic and sour..especially the yellow one (obviously xD ). I carried it around to school and it was really helpful since I could just pop one out whenever I want. 

        Next, we have the Bubblicious which is a brand of chewing gum that comes in many flavors. In all honesty... I absolutely found the flavor I got to be disgusting. The smell wasn't that good to me too and I couldn't stand it. I gave it to my friend who said that "It was delicious" and that she liked both the taste and the smell..... I guess people just have different tastes after all hahaha. 

        This time, we have the Sekoiya Choco Peach. I originally thought that it was strawberry just because it was colored pink. However, I was already skeptical of it since the time when I smelled it and it didn't emit that sweet strawberry scent. I've never,ever tasted Peaches in my life before so I don't know if this is good or bad but I definitely didn't find it that delicious. 

        Next up , we have the Puccho Hoppechan which are hard, cherry-flavored gummies inside a convenient resealable bag. I actually didn't understand this candy at all. They were sweet but a bit sour. I couldn't tell what it tasted like and I had to look it up to know what these even are. They were also very hard to chew so I gave up eating them and re-sealed the bag again xD. 

        Lastly, we have this very intriguing chocolate called Hore Hore Choco. I obviously can't read Japanese save for the basic Hiragana and Katakana but I could tell that I was supposed to dig into the container and look for gummies. I tested my hypothesis and "clawed my way out of it" My fingers got dirty in the process but it was a fun experience and I'd love to do it again.

        These were all the gummies I found except for the diamond I already ate. At the back of the packaging, there was a point system where you are given a certain number of points for each kind of gummies you find. Some gummies are rare than the rest. Surprisingly, I managed to find a dinosaur which was one of the 2 rarest gummies. This was the total of my excavation: dinosaur fossil- 300,000,000 + sword 100,000,000 + diamond- 100,000,000 + crown 50,000,000 + scroll 950,000 = 550,950,000 points! 

That was all for the contents the box Taste Japan sent me. If you want to get one, subscribe to their box over here and be sure to check their social media pages below. Until next time!

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